Season’s Greetings from Improved Apps

Winners of the Seasonal Competition for Innovative NoticeBoard uses 

We recently invited our Improved Noticeboard users to suggest some innovative approaches to using Improved Noticeboard within their organisations.

We were flooded with responses and have picked the best three as winners.

Congratulations to:


Shea Mixon from AmerisourceBergen

Andy Louca from Thomson Reuters

Michael Allen from Color Consultancy



Shea Mixon suggested a use for highlighting and reacting to changes in customer behaviour:

  • “Customers at risk. For example; where they are buying every day and then suddenly start buying only weekly. Getting a notice to catch these sooner rather than later would be a huge win.”


Andy Louca came up with a whole selection of uses for Noticeboard:

  • Service outage notifications (for customer facing products)
  • performance related issues – would be great if you could pick this up directly from rss feed in   Similarly, for admins, alerts of performance impact to sandboxes. 
  • High priority case alerts from top tier clients, when SLA breached or flagged as high priority by customer
  • Middleware outage alerts, (typically achievable when certain EAI messages are received in a custom object)
  • Changes to Commercial Policy
  • Availability of new product promotions
  • Approval Alerts


Michael Allen highlighted two very different and compelling uses for NoticeBoard:

  • Any enterprise selling client: Rolling out a new performance targeting system requires all sales people to read and agree to terms of their targeting, which may subject to change. NoticeBoard’s ability to show opens and acknowledgement of clear benefit for compliance/HR processes.
  • ‘Humanitarian Register’: Especially for communities – allowing alumni, staff, students, members of public etc to register their skills and availability to assist with humanitarian crises. NGOs and intl development agencies search community for members with necessary skills and availability with view to posting them to an area of the world in need of their help. Clear use case for NoticeBoard to provide quick, clear notifications of urgent appeals, etc. Knowing who read and acknowledged gives NGOs useful insight into who is interested in their appeals to follow up with. 


Prizes are on their way in plenty of time for Santa to put in your stockings!


Kind regards

The Improved Apps Team



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