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The Blight of the Bulging Inbox

Perhaps if I start by revealing that 2 in 5 people in Britain never read a book, you might be less surprised by some of the statistics surrounding business emails.

In terms of direct marketing, it is perhaps better known that the strike rate is low: 17% percent of emails never even reach an inbox and of those that do, less than 30% are ever opened and only 3% ever clicked through.  Of course this still leaves us with over a hundred billion business emails a day to sift through collectively.  As diligent and eager employees we must at least make sure we read the internal communications of our own companies…mustn’t we?


In reality the picture is better here at Improved Apps, but according to some recent Newsweaver reports, only 48% of these emails are ever even opened let alone digested and acted upon.  Apart from the sickening waste of digital trees that were cut down to create these messages, it also means that those key messages that you were trying to push to your workforce might just as effectively been delivered by megaphone from the top of your head office.

Information Overload!!!!

The truth is that we all practice our own forms of triage on what would otherwise be an insupportably large number of emails to deal with. Marketing spam is the first to be deleted, followed by emails we were only copied in on as an after-thought.  Replies to our own emails get the greatest attention along with those from our bosses. As for the rest, experience tells us that the majority of internal communications are irrelevant or behind the times so can be marked as ‘read’ and if the time to read them ever crops up….Besides that, we’re left with the joke emails that are definitely going to be more worth of our time!

So what’s the answer to this communication bottle-neck?

What if there were a way to push only relevant information to people who really need to know it, in a place that makes the information immediate and pertinent, plus it’s backed-up with a means of user acknowledgement?  Well, that is exactly the rationale behind Noticeboard from Improved Apps -focused on the Salesforce platform, the interactive scrolling banner can communicate the information required to keep users abreast of all of the latest news and practices in order for them to perform their tasks and meet business objectives. If there is only one thing you read today, then make sure it is this: Improved Noticeboard Brochure


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Paul Field – COO @ Improved Apps