Assess the next move

Are you getting value for money from your Salesforce Investment?

It may have been some time since you implemented Salesforce, and times have changed. Your business has evolved and people have moved on. You’re unsure whether you ever quite achieved your original objectives and time has widened the gap.

At Improved Apps, we recognise that businesses are in a continuous state of change, and it’s often a challenge to keep up. Sometimes you just need to stand back and reassess where you are and where you are headed.

Our Customer Success team has created Improved Apps’ Value Improvement Assessment (VIA). Via is simple: our expert services teams verify where you actually are, identify where you want to be and advise you on potential action to better use your Salesforce system to get you there.

VIA Plan of Approach

Engagement takes the form of a structured program, over 5-weeks, with 5 days’ of Improved Apps expert services support to:

VIA Value Improvement Assessment lifecycle


Confirm your original objectives and intentions of implementing Salesforce


  • Metrics: you have or require in Salesforce to track achievement against your objectives
  • Capabilities: current use of Salesforce and employee readiness/enablement for key business processes, to achieve business objectives
  • Gaps: areas to be addressed and priorities


High level suggestions for bridging priority gaps

Our Expert Services consultants will need access to key people in your business to complete the confidential survey and report.

The price is USD8000 or GBP5000 – the value you can realise is unlimited.

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