Improved Help for Salesforce Lightning

Embed user-centric, context-sensitive help and learning content into your Lightning Pages with one or more Improved Help components.   

One Component to help them all...

Just add the Improved Help Quick Access Menu component a Lightning Page layouts to access help content and utilities...    

Quick Access Menu

In-app help for the task in hand, within reach when needed - out of the way when not

Reading List Viewer

User-centric help and micro-learning content for processes, procedures, playbooks... 

Reading List Viewer (Modal)

Alternative Reading List display for focus - can be toggled on-off to progress the tsk in-hand

Image Viewer

...when a picture speaks a thousand words...

Extend Lightning Layouts with Improved Help Components

Add Improved Help components to help-enable your layouts - or build dedicated Help pages...    

List and Detail

Example page layout with interacting Help List and Detail components   

Tree Viewer

Show and navigate hierarchical, taxonomy-driven help and learning content  


Tag Help Topics to simplify location, filtering and navigation.     

Lightning Out Host

Create and display Improved Help Lightning components beyond the Lightning experience via Visualforce.  

Use cases include help-enabling custom Visualforce app pages.