Improved Help for Salesforce Lightning

Are you planning to switch on Lightning or do you already have users in Lightning?


Using our in-app simple authoring tools, with less than a one-hour free training session, Subject Matter Experts (SME / Business savvy people), can share their knowledge by easily curating content in situ. Using all the context known about the user, you can deliver the best help & guidance, relevant to your users’ situation. Authors can;


  • Provide easy access to dynamic, embedded field level help in context and page walkthroughs (Interactive guides)
  • Create relevant ‘Reading lists’ – embedded list of Help Topics (like a slide deck, but richer)
  • Allow users to Bookmark favourite content – For quick access
  • Capture user’s sentiment and comments in context - to identify what’s working and what isn’t – No more end user surveys required
  • Let users create ‘Personal Notes’ for future reference – Allow Authors to monitor these notes to improve their content
  • Provide specific and relevant content with a click-through options to extended learning e.g. provide a quick answer, and a path to ‘learn more’ driving adoption of any LMS, DMS or CMS system already in place
  • Create bite-size, useful ‘Information at the Point Of Need’ (IPON)
  • Virtually eliminate end users need to search for critical content / training
  • Ensure content is always up to date and accessible on any device – Update once, available everywhere – Zero risk of users referring to old processes or documentation and falling non-compliant
  • Rich contextual engagement interactions, content and feedback usage data feeds rich analysis through our supplied reports and dashboards


All end users gain the power and knowledge of the Subject Matter Experts and remain compliant, without having to go through lengthy boring training and trying to remember what they have learnt. They just click and learn and carry on with the task in hand. Enabling more customer facing time and consistent customer engagements.


Improved Apps for Lightning - Quick Overview & Short Demos from Improved Apps on Vimeo.


Now you can enrich your Lightning applications and pages with this in-application help and guideance. You can easily create custom content via one or more of the Improved Help components. Build powerful content-based apps using multiple components and easily deploy straight to Salesforce Mobile. Take Lightning components beyond the Lightning user experience by providing the 'USER ENGAGEMENT LAYER' for your salesforce Lightning applications. 


Improved Apps is ideal for Salesforce Customers who are embarking on any Lightning project. The Lightning user interface (UI) is a step-change from the Classic UI that users will be familiar with. We are often told “All change is painful” and for sure, one of the biggest issues will be coping with the frustration of unfamiliarity for completing familiar tasks. That said there are many good reasons to move to the new Salesforce UI, which is been built around customer requirements, and Improved Apps technology can make that move a whole lot easier. This is snippet from a recent blog: Migrating from Classic to Lightning (Successful Projects)


Embed any user-centric, context-sensitive help and learning content into your Lightning Pages, with one or more of our ten very flexible Improved Help Lightning components. Each tab below represents a sample of the packaged Lightning components. Improved Help provides 100% Native Lightning Components.

One key component that helps all...(Deployed to nearly every Lightning page layout)


Just add the Improved Help 'Quick Access Menu' component any Lightning Page layout, to access contextual, rich content and utilities... In-app help for the task in hand, within reach when needed - out of the way when not.


List and Detail

Example page layout with interacting Help List and Detail components   

Tree Viewer

Show and navigate hierarchical, taxonomy-driven help and learning content  


Tag Help Topics to simplify location, filtering and navigation.     

Lightning Out Host

Create and display Improved Help Lightning components beyond the Lightning experience via Visualforce.  

Use cases include help-enabling custom Visualforce app pages.

Create Content Apps

Once you have grasped the in page rich content experience (using the above Lightning components), you can take it even further by creating 'Content Apps'.


These Content Apps are Lightning apps that contain multiple Improved Help components, that allow users to easily navigate any content.  Customer examples shown below include: 'Release Notes Management', 'Competitor Analysis App', 'Release UAT Test Plans', 'Gartner Magic Quadrant App' and a Help Index of content.


Content Apps are a great way to break down multi-page PDF documents into easily consumable, highly navigable repositories of your content. Dynamic, engaging, easy to consume content on any device.

The below 'Content App' shows how you may manage and document changes / releases of anything...


We have an index of release topics on the left (A tag cloud above that to filter the index)...when a user clicks a release topic on the left, it shows the rich release content on the right, where a user may provide additional feedback. Below these components we have various related content components and analysis of all content.


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