Set your sales team ahead of the competition with turn-key, best practice content at their finger-tips

Key to create sales heros

Provide an Instant In-App Coach for Sales Fundamentals & beyond

The Sales Quick-Start Content Pack is perfect for organisations seeking to maximise the benefits from ‘out of the box’ Salesforce standard objects and standard fields, by fast-tracking the deployment of Improved Help as an in-app coach.

Designed to support the end-user from a Sales point of view, this pack compresses several weeks-worth of self-learning / training materials, together with best practice & methodology content into embedded, context-sensitive, rich-media help and self-learning micro-content.

Adopt as-is or adapt to modify/extend to suit your specific situation.

  • Turn-key Embedded help and self-learning content: for key sales processes objects and fields
  • Rapid Implementation: minimise time to benefits and implementation resource load
  • Sales process & methodology: support for Salesforce Leads, Activities, Accounts, Contacts, Opportunities
  • Objection handling: with techniques & worked examples
  • Mobile support: seamless across desktop – Classic, Console, Lightning, Visualforce and Salesforce1 Mobile experiences
  • Communities support: extend your help & learning to Partners and/or customers
  • Catalyst for continuous improvement: provides worked examples and ‘food for thought’ for ongoing Improved Help
  • Use & Learn: capture user interactions and feedback to identify gaps, drive continual improvement and continuous learning

Addresses the standard Salesforce objects used by a Sales User

This content pack addresses Leads, Activities (Tasks & Events), Accounts, Contacts and Opportunities – providing content for each object’s key/critical standard fields.

Help typically includes instructions for how the field should be filled out, an example of correct usage:

  • Simple / obvious data:  a simple hint or tip with a path to learn more, linking into’s TrailHead learning modules where appropriate – which also demonstrates how Improved Help can link into any Learning Management System (LMS)
  • More ‘complex’ data: (e.g. stages of an opportunity) some considerations and potential governance indications are also provided. Some rich media graphics and videos are also used where appropriate.

Once the content pack is installed you can extend Improved Help coverage to any custom fields or custom objects in your org.

User-centric, rich and compelling ‘sticky’ content

Realise adoption and information-retention benefits from content that goes beyond the simple explanation of how to fill in particular fields – to address the task in hand and increase the likelihood for success…

Embedded Help

  • Field Level Help: Definitions (the ‘What?’), policy / compliance (the ‘Why?’), best practice (the ‘How’), plus hints and tips
  • Lead Object Guide: Interactive guidance
  • Sales Process / Methodology Help: Data-driven by Opportunity Stage
  • Links for further learning: e.g More structured / module based TrailHead Modules or signpost to any other LMS/existing training material


One introductory video and five instructional videos covering:

  • New Lead & Lead Conversion
  • New Tasks & Events
  • Logging a Call
  • New Account & Contact
  • New Opportunity

Simple to Configure and Prepare for Use

Once you have setup Improved Help and purchased your Sales Quick-Start Content Pack from us:

  1. Load the Content Pack: from the link provided by us
  2. Add Lead object ‘Guide Me!’ button: full instructions will be provided by us
  3. Set Home Help Topic: for your enterprise help portal
  4. Localise: Help topics for local terminology and your Objection Handling scenarios
  5. Go-live


Please contact us to order your Sales Quick-Start Content Pack for a one-off fee of £2,500 GBP (+VAT where appropriate) or $3,000 USD – or discuss any trial/pilot use cases.

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