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Core Features

The unrivalled, native solution, that provides digital learning, feedback and sentiment gathering to support the agile business and drive continuous improvement

Embedded Help

In-App, context-sensitive help and learning content - on-demand at the user's point of need

    • Increase productivity, confidence and satisfaction: through user-centric help for the task in hand and related learning micro-content
    • Accelerate onboarding and self-development: with reduced training costs
  • Reduce process and data errors: with context-sensitive guidance

Best-practice help & learning content

• Context-sensitive, rich-media content, including signposting to specific existing help resources

• Conditional visibility by viewed record data and/or user attributes – such as languages

• Help tools & feedback mechanisms – for contribution & continuous improvement 

Conditional Visibility

Control content visibility with Data-Driven Filters & Data-Sharing Rules

Data-Driven Filters

Provide alternative content based on the viewed record, such as by record type, value threshold, status field, or primary competitor field value…

Opportunity A: Primary Competition = Microsoft

Opportunity B: Primary Competition = Business Objects

Data-Sharing Rules & User Help Domains

Manage alternative help content for different users accessing the same pages & fields, with Help Domains:

  • Improved Help content is native, comprising Salesforce records that are subject to Data Sharing Rules
  • Data Sharing Rules can be used to segregate content records – by language, by roles or between internal staff and partners
  • Help Domains map to Data-Sharing Rules to allow business subject-matter experts to set visibility for user groupings

Easy Content Curation by Business Users

• Deliver concise, compelling ‘gold nuggets’ of content, as Help Topics – with easy cross-referencing to ‘See also…’   

• Maximise return on existing investments by signpost existing Help Resources – with contextual usage notes

• Prioritise curation effort and enable continuous improvement by tracking usage and user feedback

Help & Learning Portal

Deliver your Enterprise documentation, process and application-level help & learning content

  • Deliver custom content that reflects your Enterprise and local Salesforce customisations
  • Combine ‘bottom-up’ application-specific help & learning with ‘top-down’ enterprise & process documentation
  • Cross-reference content to provide context and background, including external help resources

Native, Integrated Analytics

Real-time interaction statistics, reports & Dashboards for insight & continuous improvement

User interactions with Improved Help are logged as Salesforce records – trapping usage, comments, feedback, searches, sentiment… In-page interactions also log the Salesforce record ID, enabling cross-referencing help usage during key activities, such as competitor research or deal reviews.

In-Page Statistics

In-Page analysis statistics are available (in Classic, Console and Visualforce Pages) to users with Help Analysis rights.

Reports and Dashboards

Four Dashboards and 60 Reports are packaged with Improved Help. Use interactions can be analysed through regular reports & dashboards by users with appropriate Salesforce rights – whether those bundled with the application or local custom reports, as illustrated by the examples below.

Native help across user experiences

Improved Help is native on the platform and supports Salesforce experiences...


  • Classic Pages
  • Chatter / Feed-based pages
  • Classic Console
  • Classic Customer Portal
  • Classic Partner Portal


  • Communities (Classic & Lightning)
  • Console (Classic & Lightning)
  • Lightning
    • Lightning Bolts
    • Lightning Migration
  • Salesforce Mobile
  • Visualforce
  • Non-Salesforce pages

Salesforce Mobile Support

Provide users with unified help across desktop and mobile devices

Salesforce Mobile users can enjoy a seamless mobile help experience, with access to the same, context-sensitive Improved Help content seen on their desktops

Help in the right place, at the right time, for the right user

 Improved Help was highlighted as one of 6 Game-changing Apps for any Salesforce instance.

“For me these apps are a no brainer and should be included for every single Salesforce instance.”

Peter Chalmers, Salesforce MVP, Managing Director of Morphate, a Salesforce Partner
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