Upgrade Now – New Improved Help available…(v1.20)

Following Salesforce’s Summer 14 release, we have a new version of Improved Help available for you – Improved Help v1.20.


  • Easier ways for authors to manage ‘Data Driven Help’
  • Ability to help-enable section headings on standard page layouts
  • Ability to use your own custom Visual Force pages in embedded callouts – we call these Content Driven Callouts!
  • Enhanced interactive Help Guides
  • Custom Styling – Highlighting the help created around elements on any page. (See sample graphic below)
  • Summer 15 ready – for when Salesforce disables javascript sidebar components (next year – look out for more information on this topic from us!)
  • Minor bug fixes – Did you spot any and not tell us?

v1.20 Graphic

The Nitty Gritty:

Release Notes can be found here.


To upgrade your Improved Help to v1.20 the AppExchange links are below:

You will need to initialise your Help Settings after the upgrade and it’s worth checking/re-visiting all the Help Settings to adjust anything new, to meet your requirements.

Content Packs:

We now also provide additional, optional content packs that you are free to install – adopt – adapt (or delete!), as you see fit. We call this Help for Help!

To install a pack – or update to the latest release – simply follow the instructions here.

If you would like a webinar to run through what’s new and discuss possible applications/implications, please let us know, as we would be delighted to help.