Improved Change and Enablement

By Rob Bailey – VP Alliances @ Improved Apps

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Change is the Only Constant

Implementing, enabling and changing systems in the delivery of Internet Solutions (SaaS) create unnecessary issues. Is it so different to Classic System Change?


When implementing or changing systems, management commonly faces a reactionary attitude from potential users or even customers, (if the company is an ISV – Independent Software Vendor). People tend to be more comfortable with the status quo and so naturally resist potential changes that will result from the implementation and roll-out of a new or revised process. This resistance needs to be dealt with pro-actively and with compliance issues in mind. If a change is implemented but not accepted or utilised what good is it?

Improved Apps has delivered a complete solution to implementing, enabling and facilitating systems change- this is with a view to resolving the different aspects that typical change and enablement systems do not cover. Improved Apps supports the first deployment, and continues to provide assistance through change management and version control. So, it is, already a complete and effective solution and we are now focusing on taking the complexity out of change management as a result of customer feedback and utilization.


Change is not just about the desire a company has to improve or do things differently, it is about the acceptance of users to the change and measurement of the desired (or undesired) effects. Without a measurement system how can an organization be sure that change has been effective? Without a feedback mechanism how can change be reviewed on its merits?


Change could have a detrimental effect on an organization, and it is important to ensure changes are smooth and easy and that users stay motivated and successful. Measuring the impact of change and its acceptance is fundamental to knowing if it made a positive contribution.


Improved Apps delivers context-sensitive help; information at the point of need (IPON) and guides to ensure that users adjust to new software and any changes that may be implemented. Using a sentiment feedback mechanism and use-analysis statistics it is easy to determine the success of a new system or a system change. This minimizes the problem.


By adding to this, additional features such as comprehensive multi-language capability, the pain of launching an international/global change is totally minimized.


Changes to systems (and versions) are readily identified by the user, and the ability to provide re-entrant guides means that training can be visited, and areas of it re-visited whenever a user requires. Being able to identify the role and the ability of the user in delivering change information is unique to our solution.


Increase Acceptance & User Adoption It is clear a different approach may be needed. So far the current approach is to paper over the cracks. Improved Apps are closer to a real (crack-free) solution than anyone else.


The use of the internet to deliver solutions anywhere, anytime and anyplace, (localization) means that change management has to be more flexible and available to cover, for example, different languages and time zones.


It is important to take a before and after measurement of a change process to ensure it has been delivered, accepted and complied with. It is also important to understand the different roles and competencies involved within the change process. The difference between partner, user administration and user are of paramount importance.


So, the old barriers including: cost of change, reluctance to participate and coping with solution changes also have to be overcome. These are issues that all have a resolution with Improved Apps and will be further enhanced over time.

Key Issues:

  • What happens when the system needs to change?
  • Is the existing system implemented effectively?
  • Will the changes improve things?
  • Have all previous changes been adopted and accepted?
  • Are all the various types of user now compliant?
  • How do I streamline the process, make it effective and reduce the time and effort involved?
  • How do I ensure users have embraced the changes?
  • How do I deliver all change training to all countries and languages without necessarily translating everything?
  • How do I gain feedback user experiences and acceptance?
  • I want to integrate change compliance with my Learning Management System (LMS).
  • I want my users to be able to top-up their learning on changes whenever and wherever they want.
  • Changes must be delivered with training material when they are released.
  • How do I reduce training time for changes?
  • Training for changes provided should incorporate instructor led material, videos, and should integrate with gamification seamlessly
  • Information at point of need (Ipon) is essential
  • Version Control
  • Ability to add to basic change information if required by a division or market

Improved Apps Change And Enablement Solution

Improved Apps deliver a Change Solution to address all these issues as an integral part of the Improved Help Solution.


Individuals can access the appropriate material as and when it is needed (Information at Point of Need, IPON) and is selected for them based on role, skill, position in the application etc. Changes to applications are readily highlighted and guides can be delivered to cover just this change. Once a change is accepted normal UI returns to the user.


Improved Apps deliver a very flexible, extensible solution with multi-language (including ad-hoc translation into any supported language) functionality and the ability to load starter packages of material for modification/extension. This also covers Version Control and is available on ANY browser and version of the browser.


This approach to SaaS Change Management means an approach that it is sufficient for every user type: Admin, Partner, Community, End-User… everybody.

Key Business Benefits of Improved Apps Training:

  • Maximise the value of your Salesforce investment
  • Train your users in your changes and provide the right help, in the right place, at the right time.
  • Create ‘self-help’ to address users queries in their moment of need and deliver information at point of need (IPON)
  • Allow change guides to be used as part of a change solution so that a user can dip in and out at any point
  • Shorter training times
  • Allow Version Control
  • Gain user feedback
  • Cut the learning curve
  • Provide work performance support
  • Effective knowledge delivery
  • Compliance assurance
  • Reduce errors and interruptions
  • Measured Effectiveness of the Change Process


‘If you cannot measure it you cannot improve it’

Lord Kelvin

Improved Apps Approach

‘Nothing Endures but Change’



External drivers for change conspire from all angles:- social, environment, political, technological, platform innovation, regulation. These are forcing change at an ever increasing pace.


Ignoring change is not an option. Tools and techniques are required to plan and manage change on many levels.


improved change and enablement

An organised approach to change and version control is facilitated by Improved Apps Change Management Features. The important point it to plan and manage a change and then check it has been adopted and applied. Change is a continuous process from implementing a change it can often take several weeks to ensure everybody is on board and compliant.

Working on the move…

In today’s mobile world it is vital that this is all available to everyone, everywhere.


Salesforce1 Improved Help Overview


Make sure your change is accessible to your end users, wherever they are, and however they prefer to consume your content or provide feedback.


With Improved Help, ‘if you can get a signal and you’ve got Salesforce1 mobile app, you can access your context-sensitive help – wherever you are.’

About Improved Apps

Improved Apps Ltd was founded in 2011 to deliver innovative applications that drive salesforce adoption through ease of use and an enhanced user experience. We support customers’ salesforce cloud strategies – which are about creating a unified experience across:

  • Standard salesforce applications – CRM, Console, Communities, and mobile
  • Enterprise applications built on the salesforce platform
  • Third-party applications bought through the AppExchange.
  • Applications that are non-native but integrated for access by Salesforce users


Our Improved Apps are born out of many years of real-world experience – implementations, developments, training, and our own day-to-day administration and usage. Our applications are all 100% native – guaranteed!

Rob Bailey – VP Alliances @ Improved Apps