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Alongside every implementation project there is a large mass of information and knowledge to be imparted to the stakeholders. However, experience shows that enterprises habitually attach far more importance to the design and implementation of the processes rather than training and communication with the people impacted by the project.

Improved Help, the new way to train, leaves traditional forms of learning and guidance in its shadow…

Knowledge needs to be transferred to those affected to ensure that:

  • they know exactly what to do and how to do it

  • they have an understanding of what the processes will look like post-change

  • they appreciate the bigger picture

Formal classroom training and education have been supplanted by CBT and then LMS in this respect and are now increasingly being cast into the shadows by innovative solutions such as Improved Help, which offers point of need guidance for Salesforce users:

Help in the right place, at the right time, for the right users


With any form of training it’s important to consider a number of factors: what the target audience are doing with the information that’s been conveyed (e.g. just listening or actively using it) and also be mindful of the lag between education and use (and also frequency of use).

Knowledge transfer therefore becomes:

Knowledge transfer = Transmission + Absorption (and Use)


In fact, the above equation applies equally well to the communications that surround a project: Users need timely warnings that things are about to change or have changed; they need reminders regarding what is changing; they need to know when they need to do things differently; and the enterprise needs to know that they have listened and understood.

In short, it is vital that communications create actions (or behavioural changes) in users whilst also reassuring management that the message has been received and understood. Perhaps this appears to be a truism, but we now have another relevant equation:

No Action = Useless Knowledge [Transfer]

Communication has for far too long relied on email, with the above formula being all too familiar.

Internal email quite simply doesn’t deliver

According to the Guardian:

“…research by Atos Origin highlighted that the average employee spends 40% of their working week dealing with internal emails which add no value to the business. In short, your colleagues only start working on anything of value from Wednesday each week. Our own analysis found worrying levels of email traffic: of 95,000 emails sent, 75,000 were internal, while 68% of the 127,000 received also came from internal sources.”


Even more worrying is the fact that having wasted so much time wading through all of these emails is that a depressingly small number of them are actually acted upon. Much of the time is actually spent sorting the wheat from the chaff, and those emails that are prioritised and followed up will not be the generic blanket coverage emails that relate to implementations and projects.

But there is an alternative, as Improved Noticeboard outshines email both in ease of use and effectiveness.


Improved Noticeboard eclipses email as a way to communicate change and critical information


Improved Noticeboard, an interactive scrolling banner can sit in your Salesforce application and overcome the issues associated with email by:

  • Enabling specific users to be targeted with relevant information

  • Demanding that the user acknowledge the information and that they act on it

The ease and speed in which this application can be implemented to provide targeted messaging with instant visibility for the publisher on who has opened and acknowledged which messages, means we now have another new equation:

Communication = knowledge transferred & acknowledged = Noticeboard


So Improved Noticeboard really is a sight for sore eyes!


To find out more about these innovative solutions do contact us at Improved Apps and we’ll show you the light and help solve your training and communication issues.


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Paul Field – C.O.O @ Improved Apps