Improved Apps Sponsors Community Football Team

By Peter McManus – VP Sales @ Improved Apps

Castle Donington FC Sponsored by Improved Apps

The Importance of Giving Back


Improved Apps has recently sponsored a community football team which is a club that is close to my heart, and with which I share a great deal of history.


Castle Donington FC play in the North West Leicestershire League and has a total of twenty-three senior, junior, male and female football teams. The senior male team pre dates the First World War, playing competitive fixtures in a variety of leagues in the Midlands.

My association with the club began back in 1977, when as a ten year old, I played for the very first junior team. This was something quite exciting back in the day, as until then, it had been a matter of playing football in the streets and parks, or alternatively, the school playground.


Our first manager, was himself, a veteran of the senior team, and decided to give up his Sunday mornings to give youngsters something to do, whilst building bonds which as it turns out have been maintained to the present day.


His assistant, had a furniture business, and trips to ‘away’ matches were always taken is his big old van, which had cushions scattered on the floor for the team to sit on. No health and safety or seat belts back then! Just the knowledge that if you were standing up and messing around, the sudden application of the brakes would send you flying through the air, to be stopped by the uncompromising bulkhead at the front.


We survived the journeys and the team eventually became quite good, as better players were attracted to the notion of competing for the bragging rights at secondary school, as we began to play other village teams in the area.


None of this would be possible without volunteers. Whether it was George the manager, his assistant, the kit lady, the fixtures secretary or the fund-raisers – all of them gave their time so others could enjoy doing something that they loved.


So, when Improved Apps was given the opportunity to provide sponsorship to ‘The Dons,’ it was an absolute no brainer for me. That the club is bigger and caters for more people than ever, is a given, but the success of the club still relies on volunteers and sponsorship, and due to its size, that need is greater than ever before.


We are proud to be a supporter of the club and hope that our sponsorship helps many more youngsters get into a team sport, enjoy the team spirit and excel in the game.

Peter McManus – VP Sales @ Improved Apps