Improved Apps 2014 Review – VP Sales

300% Growth graphic

‘That was the year that was…’

Well, where to start with my reflections on the last twelve months?  Should it be the 300% growth we have experienced in sales? The trebling of the Inside Sales Team to capture that growth?  The wild success of Dreamforce and the pipeline it generated?


All of these, point to a great year indeed.  When I look at our customer list, which now includes such great names like the Financial Conduct Authority, Johnson & Johnson, Cray Inc, and Kerry, it validates the vision we have as a management team, to become the De Facto Standard for help, within Salesforce.

We have run a few awareness campaigns over the last year that have had led to yet more outstanding outcomes.  Not least, the capturing of mindsets on how easy and straightforward it is to deploy our solutions, and how quickly companies can migrate from frustration to elation, when implementing them to assist them in their use of Salesforce.


On a personal level, I now find myself being introduced to contacts within organisations as a result of the work our team does for others.  It is incredibly powerful and reaffirming to achieve a position of trusted advisor, which I believe is a culmination of spending six years with Salesforce, being a Salesforce user myself, and joining Improved Apps, an exceptional outfit with a unique and innovative solution.


As for the next twelve months?  Customer acquisition remains a focal point, but we are not forgetting our commitment to our existing customers, and to that end, we are expanding our team to cover Customer Success & Product Development.  With the foundations in place for another great year, I firmly expect to be writing a review this time next year, which looks back on another stellar year of expansion.


Happy Hew Year to you all!


Peter McManus – VP Sales @ Improved Apps