Improved Apps 2014 Review – Marketing and Content Manager

Momentous Marketing Moments in 2014


A highlight for 2014 for marketing, certainly had to be Dreamforce 14… it was definitely a tour de force…


Flying into San Francisco and attending this massive Expo was an experience and a half; exciting times particularly for those of the team that hadn’t been before, but also because Improved Apps as a Salesforce Partner, had upgraded for the first time to Bronze sponsorship.

With the build up to the event, there was certainly a healthy mix of anticipation and trepidation. With over 100,000 delegates descending on the event, all we could hope for was that our hard work and training would stand us in good stead…


Admittedly, having arrived to sign up for registration the day before kick-off, it looked like there was an huge amount of work left to be done by the Salesforce task force – with areas of carpet not laid and lighting still being rigged.  So, as we wandered down the hall it was a relief to find our booth safe and sound, standing proud in the West Cloud Expo.


It was a testament to all the hard work and planning that went into the event, and it was fantastic to finally see the booth design for the first time, full-size in situ at the Moscone Centre (without a spelling mistake in sight!)  It looked great and was bigger and better than last year’s – we could now sleep easy, if only the jet lag would allow!


By the time Monday came around for the kick-off, the Dreamforce ‘14 stage was well and truly set. The event took off at a cracking pace for Improved Apps, and as it turned out has set us on an incredible journey and a pathway of success into 2015 and beyond.


Roll on Dreamforce ’15…

Sophie Wyard – Marketing and Content Manager @ Improved Apps