First Time at Dreamforce?

Some hints and tips you might find helpful for Dreamforce ’14…



  • Connect on LinkedIn with anyone you plan to meet with so you know who to look out for, and can offer a welcoming meet and greet. It beats having to ask them to wear a pink carnation!


  • Don’t plan back-to-back meetings in different locations, you’ll find yourself running behind schedule as it always takes longer than you think to get anywhere!



  • Pick three goals you wish to achieve during Dreamforce, whether it’s key meetings, a number of face-to-face presentations each day or attending certain workshops. You need to plan or else you’ll be lost in a sea of opportunities.

Whilst at Dreamforce…


  • Give plenty of time to meet people as it’s so busy.


  • Say ‘hello’ to anyone who looks on their own – a great number of attendees are visiting by themselves so in my experience they welcome a chat and you never know where a conversation can lead – network… network…network.


  • Be prepared to tell people what you do and share with whoever you see fit, the top three challenges your organisation faces with its utilisation of salesforce. You’ll get loads of advice, some of which will be gold dust.



  • Partners have invested a lot to be at Dreamforce, just like you…so do give them a little air-time, as you may be amazed at what you learn!


  • Don’t forget to drink – and I don’t mean alcohol – you can soon get dehydrated and get tired which limits the amount of information you take in. So pace yourself… it’s a long four days.


After Dreamforce…


  • You will be tired – no question, but it will have been worth it. You’ll have picked up heaps of information…Believe me, you’ll be buzzing…So take stock of what you’ve learnt. Make some notes and plan how to educate your colleagues when you’re back in the office.


  • Let the partners you met at Dreamforce follow up with you. Give them 10 minutes of your time to remind you of what you discussed and what they do.


I hope these pointers help. We look forward to seeing you there – our booth is W935 in Cloud Expo West.

Dreamforce Map


Simon Thompson – Customer Success Director