Dreamforce… It’s the people that make it what it is

Looking Forward to Dreamforce ’14

Can you believe it? It is that time of year again – Dreamforce is only a matter of weeks away. The signs are there – reps are phone-bashing their salesforce customers to persuade them to attend; San Francisco hotels are fully booked, and salesforce twitterites are tweeting about the countdown to the big event. It’s all happening…

But with times being as they are, justification to attend will be severely tested this year for many companies, particularly those that aren’t based in the U.S. Oh boy those flights can get expensive… maybe we should all charter something together!!

But even with the costs involved I still think Dreamforce is priceless. I’ve been attending for the last seven years in one capacity or another, either as an employee of salesforce, a customer or a partner.

 Am I going this year?..

Absolutely… Why?…Well I’m going for the people…

The Key Notes, the Break Outs, the Workshops, the Expo & the associated events, they’re great – but it’s still the people behind them that make them interesting and worth a visit…And there’s no denying you can learn heaps about the apps, the use-cases, the technology, the vision… but still not possible without the people…


Dreamforce 13 North Expo


The Delegates of Dreamforce

But to me the most important people are the attendee delegates of Dreamforce.  They’re the ones that make Dreamforce so special. Sure the amazing array of top-notch keynote speakers and celebrity guests that put in an appearance is just mind-boggling – to have all of them at one event, from Hillary Clinton to Will.i.am, is incredible, and hats off to Salesforce for pulling it off…

To me, it’s the delegates that draw me to Dreamforce. This heady mix of people from all over the world, from different cultures, different walks of life, with different likes and dislikes, but all with one thing in common – yes, you’ve got it salesforce… it is the opportunity to interact with these people, these folks who sweat the real stuff on a daily basis, that is key to me – they are the key speakers in my mind and the reason why I go, and why I’m looking forward to attending again this year.

See You There….

Peter McManus – Director of Sales