Dreamforce ’15 – Planning for a Satisfying Experience

By Rob Bailey – VP Alliances @ Improved Apps


Will my first impressions match my expectations?


I have never, ever, gone to Dreamforce, so attending this year in my role with Improved Apps will be a first – though Improved Apps are seasoned travellers to the event and are yet again sponsors of Dreamforce.


I have been to many of the minor regional events but never the full-scale experience. The companies I have worked for have always shied away from the expense, or fulfilled the attendee list from more local resource. I myself have had varied feedback from previous attendees siting ‘Best Ever’ to ‘Waste of Time and Money’. Typical feedback for such a monolithic event…. And only time will tell as to whether my personal expectations are fulfilled for this extraordinary event.

The first time I was ever aware of the existence of events that could impact a host city and its people, was the old Mac World. I was visiting Boston by chance at the time of the event and having arrived at my hotel to take up my reservation, I gained not a single crumb of customer satisfaction when all knowledge of my booking was denied. This minor hitch turned into a major hitch when all hotels in the Boston area and beyond were also fully booked. I had only one option – Logan airport became my ‘room’ for the night and a sobering reminder to plan, check, and double check before getting within a few miles of any similar event in the future!


So, iacta alea est. I have booked my flights, registered and booked a hotel (the Rubicon).  So now is the time for some more serious planning:


What is the event for?

What does it mean for me?

What does it mean for others?

What do I judge as a success?

Who/What do I want to see?


The fascinating thoughts and the eventual discovery is that the answers to these questions will differ substantially based on each individual, who he works for, and what he does for a living. My role and planning will view these uniquely:




Dreamforce – An opportunity primarily for the Salesforce Eco System to socialise with Salesforce and mutually congratulate one another. The audience will be a mix of Salesforce, Salesforce Partners, App Vendors, Service Vendors, Consultants, Analysts and Customers (Salesforce, Salesforce Partners, Customers)


Dreamforce for me – An opportunity to network, renew contacts, add contacts and more importantly to sell my company’s products and gain new partners and customers for Improved Apps


Dreamforce for others – an opportunity for self-promotion, selling product, company promotion, learning, networking and perhaps buying


Dreamforce as a success – An increased funnel, qualified prospects and partners, increased knowledge, improved networking


Dreamforce Planning – I have already started making appointments to fit my objectives. I have a diary of meetings with inter-meet times to progress from one to another and attend event items that are a ‘must-do’ for me. Each meeting will be planned, with agenda agreed and time and place confirmed by email and phone. Each meeting will be documented and followed up.


Is this time-consuming?  Too right, but I believe success for me will follow and I will report on this and my thoughts on the Expo after the event.


If you’re interested, there’s an agenda builder resource that you may find useful – check out the Salesforce demo:



Where we’ll be at Dreamforce ’15…

The Improved Apps team of adoption advisors look forward to seeing you at Dreamforce ’15.  Our booth is W937, Moscone West, so do come and find us so we can help you make the most of Salesforce.


We look forward to meeting you there.

Rob Bailey – VP Alliances @ Improved Apps