The Demo – an art…an act…or just facts?

One of the things I do everyday is demo…sometimes four or five a day. At present, my role as Customer Success Director at Improved Apps, means my demonstrations are around our solutions, Improved Help and Improved Noticeboard, and how we’re helping Salesforce users and our customers drive adoption…. But I’ve been demoing in some shape or form for more years than I care to remember, ever since I started my career back in ’88 when I worked at IBM…. and over this time I’ve gained some insights on what I believe constitutes a decent demo…

words describing a demo

So when is a demo, a good demo?

A good demo for me is when I have the chance to share my experience, pride and enthusiasm for what I’m doing, and the response is – people get it!  Each time the audience totally sees the value in Improved Apps, it’s such a buzz…and it’s great… but…I do have one simple goal for every meeting, presentation or demo I do… at the very least…I do not want anyone ever to walk away and feel that they have wasted their time!  That is an absolute must.

What’s key to achieving a good demo?

I believe demos have to be lively, they have to be based on facts…they need to have a great flow and have real stories weaved in.  Nothing should be spoken about or shared that can’t be delivered…and they should be delivered on time even if you miss information out that you really wanted to share.  Remember, you don’t need to know it all or get everything across in one demo – there’s always more that could be said but as the saying goes, “less is more…”  So get these simple things right and you and your audience are onto a winner!

“Anything you can demo, I can demo better!”

Some people say demoing is all an act… some say it’s an art form, and takes a lot of skill and practice…I say balderdash (I could have chosen another word, but I’m considering my audience!) A good demo is about the facts, not putting on an act…And I believe anyone can do a good demo, so long as they’re honest and have confidence in themselves, the business and the product or solution that they’re presenting.

A demo must be fluid and organic

I like to think a good demo is a natural sharing of information as it happens – oozing passion and enthusiasm.  The path of the demo twists and turns to focus on the audience’s particular needs, their questions and their learning requirements.  This interaction built on the foundations of truth and honesty develops true engagement and trust.

So stick to this mantra, and demos are a walk in the park, and your audience, like ours at Improved Apps will compliment your approach as refreshing and a valuable use of their time.

Simon Thompson – Customer Success Director @ Improved Apps – aka – Demo Dolly!

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