Improved Apps delivering on Lightning Experience

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Dreamforce is always an amazing event and this year is no exception.


We’re incredibly excited about the forthcoming AI features of Salesforce and have some truly stand-out plans to help our customers make the most of the cloud of tomorrow!


As a first step towards the incredible possibilities this future offers, we urge customers to get on board early with Lightning Experience: for those worried about thrusting upon their users a very different environment, we’ve developed just the facilities you need to make the transition seamless, productive and rewarding for all concerned.

Our customers are already empowered to curate and present corporate knowledge where and when it’s needed: embedded across the Salesforce platform, fully contextualised to the user’s role and task.


Today we’re delighted to announce the completion of Improved Help for users of Lightning Experience which will be available in December.


New customers will be able to get on-board rapidly, leap-frogging the competition by allowing non-technical team members to produce expert help content and deliver related alerts to those who need them.


Existing customers’ investment in our products will continue to be rewarded with automatic access to the latest, most productive and ubiquitous salesforce user interface.


If you are new to Salesforce, new to Improved Apps or just about to be new to Lightning Experience, here are some reminders of the advantages that our solutions bring:


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Change Management

Need to migrate users to the new Lightning Experience?

Familiarise them with new page layouts with ease. Support the change and keep users advised on process, procedures, data entry, best practice with in-context help.

The improved change control and dissemination of information throughout the change cycle typically results in a reduction of up to 70% of support queries thanks to Improved Apps.


Provide all of your sales/services/call centre people with the means to do a better job by delivering in-app coaching based on their situation. This ensures that your people are using their apps correctly and efficiently, and that they are following best practice consistently.

One well-known telecommunications company estimated their increase in revenue, as a result of improved productivity, at $25m pa – just for one of their inside sales teams! This represents the median of around 5% performance increase for companies with enablement projects.

Learning and Development

Provide learning at the speed of business. Concentrate on what will enable your people to be successful depending on their situation and provide help where and when it’s needed.

Typically, 20% of employees’ time is spent searching for information – Improved Help eliminates that delay for 80% of needs.  This effectively provides an additional day per week to focus on delivering against objectives.


Speed up the process of transferring knowledge and skills and make lessons stick. Improved Apps provides the means to direct context-related intelligence to the user in the page in Salesforce.

Typically, customers have been able to reduce onboarding time to productivity by 15%. (This represents a 4% increase in total revenue for businesses with the average 20% churn.)

Compliance and Governance

Ensure your people follow the right processes to meet internal governance and avoid falling foul of regulations by providing your users with correct and up-to-date information. Verify and track that employees have read and actually understood critical information.

Service sector customers using Improved Help typically improve their service levels by 50% by ensuring business governance was strengthened.


If you’d like to find out more about our solutions or have any questions around Lightning Experience and what the changes may mean for you, get in touch today. We have the apps and expertise to keep you ahead of the game.