Welcome aboard! New Sales Executive joins our team!

We’re delighted to announce we have a new member who has just joined our ever-growing team. Joining our ranks is David Loch.

David has joined as a Sales Executive, a role to which he is well suited, based on a varied and successful career path and his life achievements.


Dave’s story in his own words…

Army Days:

I served with the British army for ten years reaching the rank of Corporal and soon became a vehicle specialist. I travelled the length and breadth of the UK, as well as abroad, learning new techniques and thriving on exciting new challenges. I went on to become a full-time instructor working with trainee soldiers. Within this role, I was directly responsible for the guidance, support and training of all the trainee soldiers and gained invaluable experience in terms of working in a team, providing differentiated teaching strategies and motivating soldiers of all levels. The experience of teaching and training recruits to become fully qualified vehicle specialists was extremely rewarding.


Post Army:
Upon leaving the Army, I began my career in the sales industry working with a local estate agency, where I quickly learned the trade. I relied on my team-working skills, coupled with my motivation strategies in order to contact clients and meet their requirements. Through this productive and positive work ethic I became the number one sales negotiator for the company, and as a consequence I was head hunted by a bigger and better established company. I moved to the new company as a Sales Manager and relished the regular contact with clients and provided a valuable service enabling clients to find their ‘perfect property’. Once again, I was frequently within the top 3 across all of the branches in terms of sales, which I believe can be attributed to my ability to relate to each and every client and gain a clear understanding of their requirements.


I feel my strengths lie with team-working skills, building positive relationships with customers and clients, as well as my total engagement with the product or service I am selling.


So welcome David, from all of us at Improved Apps.