Customer satisfaction the Improved Apps way…


Creating disruptive, paradigm-shifting, pivotal and innovative customer journeys…OR

Keeping the customer satisfied!

It is only too easy to get caught up in the terminology of our trades and resort to jargon or even worse, some superficially impenetrable ‘TLA’s (Three Letter Acronyms) to express what are really fairly straightforward concepts. ‘Consultant-speak’ gives us new language every year to describe how we relate to our markets and customers. Often it brings little or no new insight to the subject and sometimes it is merely a collection of truisms that simply restate something we have always known.

The world is changing rapidly…

Although the ways in which we do things has changed considerably, the reasons why we do things has not, and we are in danger of losing sight of the ‘whys’ in our haste to seem compliant with the new ‘hows’:

Is a desire to do things differently necessarily disruptive?

Do we even want a paradigm shift to occur so that everybody starts to do things the same way as us?

Is it possible to be innovative by bringing back some older values?

And what exactly is the pivot point for customer/supplier interaction?

It is clear that the Saas has changed the world of enterprise software – it represents a different way of deploying solutions to meet business needs and a different way of paying for them too. Out of the window have gone the very significant upfront purchases of hardware and software. Gone too, the outrageous and always-under-estimated costs of implementation, along with the ongoing reality of maintenance charges and internal support costs.

However, somewhere on that journey we may have lost a few things too…

  • the close relationship between supplier and customer

  • the dialogue with a trusted partner about how to move forward

  • the differentiation that comes from bespoke implementations


Saas does not necessarily imply homogeneity, but it does create a move towards standard delivery of capability, with a shift in the responsibility for recognising the heterogeneous nature of organisations, and reflecting those differences to the customers themselves. Customers effectively become the integrators themselves as they bridge the gaps between ‘standard’ and their real-world environment by adding more applications, and having to customise what they have.


In this brave new world, customer and supplier seem to have swapped roles in that the supplier now just needs to provide and maintain the environments whilst the customer has to manage the implementation, integration and configuration.


The element of customer satisfaction has also shifted down the line, as, what were customers, now become the internal suppliers for their end users and the business.  And in order to achieve the desired business objectives they must gear up with systems administrators and sales operations personnel.


Improved Apps’ objectives, though more modest than defining a new paradigm-shifting journey for all stake holders, they’re also more ambitious.  We believe that what we are doing will genuinely change the way in which enterprise applications are deployed.  We focus on ‘simple things’ like making the customer happy:

  • reducing the time, resources and costs needed to make a success out of salesforce platform apps

  • taking the frustration away from users and support staff

  • providing the right information at the right time to individuals, allowing them to perform effectively. In other words, applying the knowledge and experience that the business has, to the point of need


In short, Improved Apps makes your enterprise solutions work the way you want them to, which means benefits and returns on investment can start to move off the business case spreadsheets and into reality.


To find out more do get in touch so we can demo our solutions and quickly familiarise you with Improved Apps.

Paul Field – COO @ Improved Apps