Another 5 Stars on the AppExchange

Yet Another Salesforce AppExchange Five Star Review

What an accolade from Jim Mitchell, Snr Business Analyst at Visio Inc. (USA)

Thank you for sharing your positive experience of our solutions and our Improved Apps family.

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Jim Mitchell, Snr Business Analyst at Visio Inc. (USA)

“When my business stakeholders came to me with the ask to find a solution that would allow quick and easy communication with both our in-house AND out-sourced Support Agents, ImprovedApps NoticeBoard fit the bill to a tee.

We installed and configured it in a sandbox for testing and demo within an hour. When the same stakeholders then asked for NoticeBoard to be rolled out to the entire team two days before Black Friday, which is our biggest phone support day of the year, the ImprovedApps team sprang into action and provisioned all of our licenses within an hour.

Their dedication to getting us up and running fast was incredible. The product is solid and done well. The support of the ImprovedApps team is equally brilliant. I can’t say enough good things about working with them so far. I highly recommend you give this app a try if you need to be able to quickly and efficiently communicate information to your teams.”

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The Internet Of Things

Rise Of The Robots…Or Global Village?

By Paul Field – CEO @ Improved Apps

Internet of Things


The newly released report on The Internet of Things (IoT) in the enterprise from OpenDNS identifies three principal areas of risk as we charge headlong towards increasing inter-connection and levels of connectivity.


  • IoT devices introduce new avenues for potential remote exploitation of enterprise networks

  • The infrastructure used to enable IoT devices is beyond both the user and IT’s control

  • IT’s often casual approach to IoT device management can leave devices unmonitored and un-patched

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