Learning and Development – The Way Forward

 Improved Apps how to provide learning at speed of business

“Companies that invest in learning outperform the market by more than 45%”


Delivering Learning & Development is a challenge with the reality of constant disruption and fast-shifting goals.

There’s too much to learn…and too little time!…

But with the development of new technologies come new ways to train…as well as new ways to learn.

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Sales Enablement in a Salesforce World

By Paul Field C.E.O. @ Improved Apps

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If you want to maximise your Salesforce ROI and boost the effectiveness of your sales personnel – we have the perfect read!

‘Sales Enablement in a Salesforce World’

In this article we explore:

  • The Definition of Sales Enablement

  • What you need to provide sales people in order for them to have ‘valuable conversations’

  • How content is part of the answer but only if that content is relevant and readily accessible

  • How to cope with a constantly shifting landscape and provide knowledge at the point of need


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