Migrating from Classic to Lightning (Successful Projects)

Improved Apps is ideal for Salesforce Customers who are embarking on any Lightning project.  The Lightning user interface (UI) is a step-change from the Classic UI that users will be familiar with. 

We are often told “All change is painful” and for sure, one of the biggest issues will be coping with the frustration of unfamiliarity for completing familiar tasks.  That said there are many good reasons to move to the new Salesforce UI, which has been built around customer requirements. Improved Apps technology can make your move a whole lot easier.

“The migration can be de-risked and simplified by implementing Improved Apps now, in your Classic environment, great preparation for your Lightning go-live project. Further more, all your rich content, in context, persists from Classic to Lightning with no extra work.”

Simon Thompson, CEO Improved Apps

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Financial Services Compliance with Salesforce

By Paul Field – CEO @ Improved Apps



Compliance with Retail Distribution Review (UK) and Conflict of Interest (US) Regulations for Financial Services Organisations using Salesforce

There is considerable focus in both the UK and US to ensure advice provided by agents and advisors relating to retirement investments meets the interests of the client rather than those of whoever is providing the advice. As a result, legislation has been introduced in both countries to impose codes of conduct on the industry along with significant penalties for non-compliance. These new laws relate to the ways in which advice is provided and the disclosure of commission and other pertinent information that should encourage advisors to provide the best impartial suggestions and for clients to make the best informed decisions.

Financial services businesses deal with product just as much as a manufacturer: Furthermore, the process of New Product Introduction is one that is highly regulated and is subject to a high rate of change. New offerings must be understood and incorporated into the portfolio being made available to investors.

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