Dreamforce ’15 – The Adoption Information Bureau

Do you have questions about how to drive adoption and get the most out of Salesforce?


If you’re attending Dreamforce ’15, take advantage of free advice from specialist adoption advisors at the Adoption Information Bureau…


Dreamforce Map



Our Improved Apps team will be on hand to demonstrate how easy it can be to resolve some common issues…


Poor adoption…disappointing sales… compliance and communication concerns…a painfully slow ROI


Plus there’s an ‘early bird’ offer….

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Improved Apps 2014 Review – Marketing and Content Manager

Momentous Marketing Moments in 2014


A highlight for 2014 for marketing, certainly had to be Dreamforce 14… it was definitely a tour de force…


Flying into San Francisco and attending this massive Expo was an experience and a half; exciting times particularly for those of the team that hadn’t been before, but also because Improved Apps as a Salesforce Partner, had upgraded for the first time to Bronze sponsorship.

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Improved Apps Caught on Camera at Dreamforce ‘14

The Double Act at Dreamforce

Simon Thompson, Customer Success Director at Improved Apps was interviewed at the West Cloud Expo of Dreamforce ’14 alongside Alek Gokiert, Consulting Services Director of Morphate.


The two were approached whilst chatting about their corporate partnership and were asked about their thoughts on the Dreamforce ’14 experience.


Check out the interview:

Preparation is Key to Success at Dreamforce


Reflections on the Salesforce Event of the Year

Having had time to reflect on our attendance at Dreamforce 14, I’ve come to the conclusion it was an amazing experience for many reasons, but much of the positive vibe was due to the hard work and awesome attitude of our team – a bigger team than last year, with members that were relatively new to the company and totally new to Dreamforce. But the enormity of the event didn’t throw the newcomers…

Everyone was buzzing and focused and the team’s commitment to the project really paid off with some fantastic delegate feedback and the generation of some exciting new opportunities.

But these things don’t just come together over night. If you’re thinking of attending Dreamforce as a sponsor for the first time, do not under-estimate the time and effort that needs to be dedicated to the preparation for the Salesforce event of the year.

There’s the work that goes into generating the concepts behind the campaign and bringing them to fruition – the booth design, brochures, flyers, promotional videos, team shirts…the list goes on. But there’s also another very important consideration, and that is training.

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Dreamforce ’14 here we come!

If you’re going to Dreamforce ’14, be sure to…



We’ll have some special offers at our booth…

50% discount on subscriptions…Free Advice…and an Apple voucher giveaway…No it’s not a dream!

…terms & conditions apply

So come and find us at booth W935 Cloud Expo West and don’t miss out.

Our team is heading to San Francisco – to live the dream..force…

Hope to see you there, enjoy the event and safe travels….


First Time at Dreamforce?

Some hints and tips you might find helpful for Dreamforce ’14…



  • Connect on LinkedIn with anyone you plan to meet with so you know who to look out for, and can offer a welcoming meet and greet. It beats having to ask them to wear a pink carnation!


  • Don’t plan back-to-back meetings in different locations, you’ll find yourself running behind schedule as it always takes longer than you think to get anywhere!



  • Pick three goals you wish to achieve during Dreamforce, whether it’s key meetings, a number of face-to-face presentations each day or attending certain workshops. You need to plan or else you’ll be lost in a sea of opportunities.
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Dreamforce… It’s the people that make it what it is

Looking Forward to Dreamforce ’14

Can you believe it? It is that time of year again – Dreamforce is only a matter of weeks away. The signs are there – reps are phone-bashing their salesforce customers to persuade them to attend; San Francisco hotels are fully booked, and salesforce twitterites are tweeting about the countdown to the big event. It’s all happening…

But with times being as they are, justification to attend will be severely tested this year for many companies, particularly those that aren’t based in the U.S. Oh boy those flights can get expensive… maybe we should all charter something together!!

But even with the costs involved I still think Dreamforce is priceless. I’ve been attending for the last seven years in one capacity or another, either as an employee of salesforce, a customer or a partner.

 Am I going this year?..

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Dreamforce – the dream continues…

I started a career at Salesforce in January 2007… Just to paint the picture, workflow and field updates were the hot topic! I remember thinking, ‘what company have I joined, if they are so excited about S-Controls and Field Updates?!?’  Korel was the new acquisition and Salesforce Content was but a dream… Ah, S-Controls God bless ‘em – pleased they are a thing of the past, though they did fill a big void whilst Apex caught up.

So what happened along the way? This is my journey…

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