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The journey to innovation…

I’m really looking forward to next week as I’m going to spend a chunk of quality time with some of my favourite people… People-time?… And me, supposedly a techie?… That can’t be right… can it?


Technical types have a reputation for living in developer caves, from which they emerge only to forage for pizza and to curse users who keep breaking their lovely code. Perhaps that’s why a much younger me felt so comfortable slipping into I.T from the entertainment industry. I was used to set designers moaning at actors for getting in the way of their beautiful scenery, and sound engineers (as I was) blaming audiences for soaking the sparkle out of otherwise wonderful concert hall acoustics.


But we’re not really like that (come on fellow developers, back me up on this!)  In fact, we’re at our happiest when we can make useful things happen for those people who have interesting problems to solve, but who can’t speak ‘machine’.

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Upgrade Now – New Improved Help available…(v1.20)

Following Salesforce’s Summer 14 release, we have a new version of Improved Help available for you – Improved Help v1.20.


  • Easier ways for authors to manage ‘Data Driven Help’
  • Ability to help-enable section headings on standard page layouts
  • Ability to use your own custom Visual Force pages in embedded callouts – we call these Content Driven Callouts!
  • Enhanced interactive Help Guides
  • Custom Styling – Highlighting the help created around elements on any page. (See sample graphic below)
  • Summer 15 ready – for when Salesforce disables javascript sidebar components (next year – look out for more information on this topic from us!)
  • Minor bug fixes – Did you spot any and not tell us?

v1.20 Graphic

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