Another great AppExchange Review for Improved Noticeboard

‘A big thank you’ to Luke Todd at Gumtree for his positive words in his Salesforce AppExchange review of Improved Noticeboard:


Luke Todd – Gumtree UK

With a mixture of outsourced and in-house teams, differential work streams and access it was always hard to communicate a message to all staff.

With Improved Noticeboard App, the integration was fairly standard and the functionality very user friendly, but the outputs really beneficial.

One message delivered to all staff at the same time and visible – with additional tracking to show whether seen/read, allowing management focus to update staff on core messaging.

A really good tool to add benefit to a communication gap.

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Another 5 Star Review posted on the AppExchange, this time by Geopost UK (Now DPD Group)

Improved Apps Does It Again!…Yet Another Salesforce AppExchange Five Star Review…this time for their innovative solution, Improved Noticeboard.

Salesforce AppExchange logo

Adam Hooper, Salesforce Solutions Analyst – Geopost UK (Now DPD Group)

We have two large and very busy contact centres that utilise Chatter. When we found that Chatter wasn’t instant enough to communicate vital information to our advisors we looked at Improved Noticeboards.  The whole process from first contact with the team to deployment has been a dream. The team are flexible and always available to help. We love the ability to target messages at specific users and groups and the dashboards and reports are helping us to monitor compliance.  Next step – where else can we use this fantastic tool in our business!…

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Great Start to 2015 – Another 5 Stars on the AppExchange

Improved Apps Does It Again!…Yet Another Salesforce AppExchange Five Star Review

What an accolade from Alicia Walters, CRM Global Data Lead at Kerry Inc. (USA)

Thank you for sharing your positive experience of our solutions  and our Improved Apps family.

Salesforce AppExchange logo

Alicia Walters, CRM Global Data Lead – Kerry Inc.

We are currently underway in deploying Improved Apps in our org of 2,500+ users globally, and the service given to us by the Improved Apps Team is phenomenal.  I’m based in the US and the team is in the UK, but I’d never know it because when I have a question, Simon has an answer.  This isn’t a fluke either as I’ve been in contact with Peter and Simon over the course of a year, and without fail, they are there whenever I need them.

Our company operates in a single instance of Salesforce, there are a huge amount of customizations, and no process enablement knowledge readily available for users.  Improved Apps – Improved Help and Improved NoticeBoard – will be a game changer for communicating important messages and releases (via NoticeBoard), as well as putting the WOWs, company terminology and definitions, and toolkits in the hands of each and every user at the moment in which they need it.

I’m so glad we found you guys…keep rocking the enhancements!!

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Improved Apps 2014 Review – SVP Customer Success

Leading our customers on their journey to success

A key strategy for Improved Apps in 2014 was to become even more customer-focused. Let’s face it, if you don’t listen to customers or prospects, you’re not going to understand their needs, and if you can’t empathise with their problems or appreciate their unique requirements how can you offer them the best solution?


So part of our training strategy for the latter part of 2014 and into 2015 has been to invest in training to develop and hone the active listening skills of our Improved Apps team – it’s been pushed out across the board, so that we generate a genuine rapport based on an honest and humanistic approach.  Active listening and engaging with our customers we know helps ensure they gain the most from our solutions, and is fundamental to achieving total ‘Customer Success’.


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Qlik Awards Improved Help Five Stars on AppExchange

Improved Help gets yet another Five Star Rating on the Salesforce AppExchange…

…and this time it’s from Qlik.

Simon McAllister, Senior Director, Global Sales & Alliances Operations – Qlik

“For anyone who wrestles with sales-process enablement and good old fashion sales support, this tool is an absolute must. We at Qlik are driving Salesforce adoption (and comprehension) in a way that I would never have dared to dream of a few years back…we’re seeing numerous Help Topics with >1000 clicks, all of which means, our organisation is receiving real-time, self-served and contextual assistance when and where they need it most…a phenomenal tool, easy to roll out, child’s play to maintain, we couldn’t function without it….a great company to work with, too!!!”


Want to see the review in situ or leave a comment?   Then follow the link to visit the AppExchange and whilst you’re there why not start a free trial to see how Improved Apps can support your organisation too.


The Demo – an art…an act…or just facts?

One of the things I do everyday is demo…sometimes four or five a day. At present, my role as Customer Success Director at Improved Apps, means my demonstrations are around our solutions, Improved Help and Improved Noticeboard, and how we’re helping Salesforce users and our customers drive adoption…. But I’ve been demoing in some shape or form for more years than I care to remember, ever since I started my career back in ’88 when I worked at IBM…. and over this time I’ve gained some insights on what I believe constitutes a decent demo…

words describing a demo

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Bored of Big Data? Me Too…Let’s Talk Small Data

Everyone is talking about big data, even our CTO, (god bless his cotton socks! – sorry Martin)..but I have to admit I’m into ‘small data’…seeing patterns through conversations with our customers, gleaning what they like about us and what really supports their end-users.  In fact, to be honest we’re all big fans of ‘small data’ at Improved Apps.

So what is the value in small data?…. Why should you care?

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Eating our own dog food

If a company is selling you something to improve your business, isn’t it good practice if they’re using their own solutions to improve their own business?  Shouldn’t they be prepared to show you what they’re doing and how they’re doing it?

We believe so!

Bowl Of Dog Food

‘Eating our own dog food’ is at the core of Improved Apps structure and strategy.

We see the need…we put it to the test (for real)… and then we make it available for everyone!  Well, everyone who’s a Salesforce customer anyway.

And we welcome feedback – we’re not standing alone driving innovation and product strategy.  Many of our customers also input their own requirements and needs, which drives us further still…making our solutions even better.  That’s why we’re called Improved Apps!

 So how do we eat our own dog food?

Well for starters, our telesales execs, before they dial, are a click away to get a script and pointers on their approach to assist them in any conversation – whether it’s a first contact…a follow-up call after a trade show…or a chat about an up-coming webinar.  It’s dynamic help – the right help, at the right time – to support our sales team.  If they need marketing collateral, it’s there too – helping them every step of the way of the sales journey.

And our support teams don’t miss out either – all the customers’ key issues are captured and then made available in Salesforce – so no need to check a single email!  What a relief for customer support as well as the customer!

And naturally, helping our team helps us as a business – we’ve seen employee onboarding speeds ramp up. New users come into the business…they know the help is at their fingertips, and if it’s not, they feed it back and we simply embed more of what they need – that way it helps the whole team… that way we’re all hAPPy chAPPies!

Puppy and Treats

So give yourself a treat – don’t just take our word for it – get on one of our demos and we’ll show you how we benefit from our own solutions… Just be ready to be blown away!


Simply log your request here. Thank you.


By Simon Thompson – Customer Success Director @ Improved Apps

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