Migrating from Classic to Lightning (Successful Projects)

Improved Apps is ideal for Salesforce Customers who are embarking on any Lightning project.  The Lightning user interface (UI) is a step-change from the Classic UI that users will be familiar with. 

We are often told “All change is painful” and for sure, one of the biggest issues will be coping with the frustration of unfamiliarity for completing familiar tasks.  That said there are many good reasons to move to the new Salesforce UI, which has been built around customer requirements. Improved Apps technology can make your move a whole lot easier.

“The migration can be de-risked and simplified by implementing Improved Apps now, in your Classic environment, great preparation for your Lightning go-live project. Further more, all your rich content, in context, persists from Classic to Lightning with no extra work.”

Simon Thompson, CEO Improved Apps

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Welcome Cara-Lee Loganberg as Chief Commercial Officer

We are delighted to welcome Cara-Lee Loganberg to the team, as Chief Commercial Officer.


Cara-Lee joins us after an illustrious and highly successful 12 year tenure at salesforce, where she held several sales leadership roles across enterprise and mid-market teams, industry verticals and marketing product specialisation. Her teams consistently exceeded targets through salesforce’s early start-up years and beyond.


During this time, Cara-Lee was seconded by the Global VP Sales Productivity to grow and develop a world class sales productivity and enablement organisation in EMEA. Cara-Lee deeply understands the challenges associated with on-boarding and productivity, having implemented solutions and processes to drive increased productivity per head.


Known for her obsession in ensuring salesforce customers derive value from their applications, whilst having a deep understanding of the salesforce technology and a thirst for constant innovation, Improved Apps was an obvious next step.


As Chief Commercial Officer, Cara-Lee will lead business development strategy and execution, oversee sales growth, build out the ISV Channel, and provide advice to the board.


The whole team is excited about Cara-Lee’s appointment, the opportunity to learn from her vast experience and the value she will bring to our customers. I personally had the pleasure of working with Cara-Lee when I was at Salesforce between 2007 and 2012 and since Cara-Lee started last week, we are already seeing a massive impact, adding to our companies energy and passion.


Welcome to Improved Apps Cara-Lee.  (Link to Cara-Lee’s LinkedIn profile)


Simon Thompson – EVP/Co-founder

Meet the Management Team

Season’s Greetings from Improved Apps

Winners of the Seasonal Competition for Innovative NoticeBoard uses 

We recently invited our Improved Noticeboard users to suggest some innovative approaches to using Improved Noticeboard within their organisations.

We were flooded with responses and have picked the best three as winners.

Congratulations to:


Shea Mixon from AmerisourceBergen

Andy Louca from Thomson Reuters

Michael Allen from Color Consultancy


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The future of true context sensitive help is here…today…

I strongly believe that most context sensitive help solutions around today are lacking in context, which would be funny if it wasn’t so annoying.


We see various definitions out there in the public domain like…Context-sensitive Help provides information about the user interface of an application relative to the task a user performs. Which completely ignores the user’s real context, as it seems to mean that the only context is where the user is in the app!


Wikipedia states: “Context-sensitive is an adjective meaning “depending on context” or “depending on circumstances”. It may refer to: Context-sensitive grammar. Context-sensitive language. Context-sensitive help.” Which covers a lot more scenarios closer to the real world.


So when we think about all of the above variations…to get true context sensitive help we really need to consider the following:

  • Who is the person and what is their Role?
  • How experienced are they?
  • How do they like to digest information (Video, text, be shown something or listen for example)
  • What is their preferred language?
  • What area of the application are they currently in?
  • We need to know where they need help and the data from the current record they are looking at should also provide context.
  • What content they are engaging with and if it was useful!
  • Is the person happy? Did they get what they needed, when they needed it? 


All of these questions relate to the user as the focus of context, the context in this case being the user’s experience, preferences, learning style, their actions, their history, their behaviour and any issues they may be having.



So without this depth of knowledge, context sensitive help that only addresses some of these elements or provides just field or application level help are barely any use and offer very limited value to your business or your users.

It needs to go way above this to get things right…

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Wonderful words from Fleetcor!

By Sophie Wyard – Marketing Manager @ Improved Apps

Improved Apps Success Go Get IT

“Push notices – help – visibility – accountability – reporting – BOOM!”

Luke Craig, UK Salesforce.com Manager – FLEETCOR

It’s great to have FLEETCOR as an ongoing customer and we were delighted when their UK Salesforce.com Manager Luke Craig offered to have an informal chat over the phone so we could discuss the benefits they have seen as a result of using Improved Apps.


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Improved Apps delivering on Lightning Experience

man with lightning


Dreamforce is always an amazing event and this year is no exception.


We’re incredibly excited about the forthcoming AI features of Salesforce and have some truly stand-out plans to help our customers make the most of the cloud of tomorrow!


As a first step towards the incredible possibilities this future offers, we urge customers to get on board early with Lightning Experience: for those worried about thrusting upon their users a very different environment, we’ve developed just the facilities you need to make the transition seamless, productive and rewarding for all concerned.

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Improved Apps Makes It To Top 20!

CIOReview Top 20 Most Promising Salesforce Solutions 2016 - Improved Apps

According to Jeevan George, Managing Editor of CIOReview:

“The companies selected for our 20 Most Promising SalesForce Solutions Providers 2016 list are an elite group of companies whose products and solutions are changing their respective industries. We are proud to feature Improved Apps in this edition for its range of revolutionary solutions that is setting a new benchmark in the SalesForce arena.”

It’s great to get some recognition isn’t it!

In the last few months, CIOReview magazine’s editorial research team analysed over 400 companies focused on providing SalesForce solutions and shortlisted the companies that are at the forefront of tackling customer challenges.

Not only were we on that list- we made the final 20!!

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Improved Apps wins 2016 Technology Innovator Award

Improved Apps 2016 Technology Innovator Award logo

We are delighted to announce that we have been selected for another award, this time acknowledging the translation of thought leadership into real, usable solutions, that has become the trademark of Improved Apps.Corporate Vision Magazine has released the winners of the 2016 Technology Innovator Awards, and Improved Apps has been named:

‘Best in Enterprise Success Planning 2016’

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Improved Apps celebrate their 5th Birthday!

By Paul Field – CEO @ Improved Apps

Improved Apps 5th Birthday CakeImproved Apps – the First Five Years

Improved Apps young rocket boy

Improved Apps has been around for five years now: the brainchild of our founder Keith Clarke, the conception was immaculate, with a home birth that resulted in a perfect baby company, untainted by the reality of engagement with the real world.

The following five years have produced some surprises both pleasant and not so pleasant; the family has grown considerably and the journey has never been anything less than exciting.

As we embark on the next stage of our journey, it seems like a good time for reflection:

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