Bored of Big Data? Me Too…Let’s Talk Small Data

Everyone is talking about big data, even our CTO, (god bless his cotton socks! – sorry Martin)..but I have to admit I’m into ‘small data’…seeing patterns through conversations with our customers, gleaning what they like about us and what really supports their end-users.  In fact, to be honest we’re all big fans of ‘small data’ at Improved Apps.

So what is the value in small data?…. Why should you care?

Well, for our customers small data is all about delivering the right help, in the right place, at the right time, for the right user. A user’s question or demand for information, which can be requested at any time, needs to be answered concisely at that time and in context, if we’re going to deliver any value to the ultimate end-user.

Small data, in my mind, is data that is small enough in size for users to comprehend. ‘Big data’ is about machines; ‘Small data’ is about people.  As Wikipedia kindly points out, that about one quarter of the human brain is involved in visual processing, and the only way to comprehend Big data is to reduce the data into small, visually-appealing objects representing various aspects of large data sets or data “features”…..

So if ‘Small Data’ is all about people understanding information, then Improved Apps is all about helping deliver ‘small data’ to end-users.

Comic style graphic of 'we love small data'

So how do we do it?

Improved Apps helps Salesforce customers deliver these small bits of intelligence in the form of help topics to provide guidance, and may include links to related collateral and support, for easy consumption by the end-users. They don’t have to search or ask for it, because it’s literally only a click away! Better still, if you work on the move you don’t miss out, as this ‘small data’ is also available in context on the Salesforce1 mobile app.

Some customers call this ‘help in the moment of need’… and this type of embedded help, this ‘small data’ is priceless… The feedback we constantly hear from our customers, is that it drives their Salesforce adoption to unprecedented new levels.

We all know the saying, ‘good things come in small packages’, so why not give our solutions a go, or if you fancy a webinar do get in touch.  I can assure you, by the end of the twenty minute presentation all will be revealed and you’ll discover just how easily we can help your business.

Simon Thompson – Customer Success Director – Improved Apps