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…from a Consultant’s point of view, I know how I would like to pass on details about what I have built for Users, to those Users, on the page they are looking at, not on page 101 of a handover document…

Phil Walton, Salesforce blogger & North West (England) User Group Leader, reviewing Improved Help.

Q. Where should I document my salesforce project?

If you’re involved with any kind of salesforce projects – as a system administrator, in-house project team-member or salesforce consultant – you will doubtless have asked yourself this question many times.

The good news is that the Free Edition of Improved Help makes the ideal solution the obvious solution!

A. Inside my salesforce project – why anywhere else?

Why not join our customers & salesforce partners who manage their salesforce project documentation with Improved Help:


  • Define custom labels, fields, objects, apps – indeed any configuration items – as Help Topics;
  • Link Help Topics to specific admin pages: for custom objects, rules, workflows, templates…;
  • Document applications, terminology and business context in their Enterprise Help Portal;
  • Clarify processes & procedures with Reading Lists & interactive Help Guides;
  • Cross-reference dependencies between configuration items: with Related Help Topics;
  • Use Embedded Help to provide in-page definitions for fields, buttons, etc – for Users (or Admins);
  • Link to key, non-native project documentation with Help Resources.


So contact us to get started now!

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