Another great AppExchange Review for Improved Noticeboard

‘A big thank you’ to Luke Todd at Gumtree for his positive words in his Salesforce AppExchange review of Improved Noticeboard:


Luke Todd – Gumtree UK

With a mixture of outsourced and in-house teams, differential work streams and access it was always hard to communicate a message to all staff.

With Improved Noticeboard App, the integration was fairly standard and the functionality very user friendly, but the outputs really beneficial.

One message delivered to all staff at the same time and visible – with additional tracking to show whether seen/read, allowing management focus to update staff on core messaging.

A really good tool to add benefit to a communication gap.


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Thanks again Luke for sharing your positive experience of our solution, Improved Noticeboard.

Improved Noticeboard – a real-time, interactive, scrolling banner – the cost-effective tool which gives the power back to the publisher and enables specific users to be targeted with key information


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