Another 5 Star Review posted on the AppExchange, this time by Geopost UK (Now DPD Group)

Improved Apps Does It Again!…Yet Another Salesforce AppExchange Five Star Review…this time for their innovative solution, Improved Noticeboard.

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Adam Hooper, Salesforce Solutions Analyst – Geopost UK (Now DPD Group)

We have two large and very busy contact centres that utilise Chatter. When we found that Chatter wasn’t instant enough to communicate vital information to our advisors we looked at Improved Noticeboards.  The whole process from first contact with the team to deployment has been a dream. The team are flexible and always available to help. We love the ability to target messages at specific users and groups and the dashboards and reports are helping us to monitor compliance.  Next step – where else can we use this fantastic tool in our business!…


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Thanks Adam for sharing your positive experience of our application and the Improved Apps team.  We’re glad Improved Noticeboard is helping Geopost UK communicate their critical information.

Improved Noticeboard – a real-time, interactive, scrolling banner – the cost-effective tool which gives the power back to the publisher and enables specific users to be targeted with key information


If your organisation wants to communicate change effectively within your Salesforce application, why not try let us show you how Improved Noticeboard can help you.  You may also find Improved Help another of our tools invaluable too, as it allows you to embed context-sensitive help and training directly into the heart of your Salesforce application.