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We are building a tight global partner community based on delivering value for mutual benefit for our partners and customers.

We have a growing partner community, with partners all around the world….If you would like to consider joining forces options include: Referral Partner, Re-Seller Partner, White-Label Partner or Associate.


MORPHATE – Australia & New Zealand

Improved Apps Partner - MorphateMorphate was formed to focus specifically on delivering best of breed solutions to Not for Profit organisations. They deliver solutions in a cost effective and timely manner ensuring you obtain the best benefit from your investment by using the Salesforce1 platform. They do not deliver bespoke solutions – they adapt the best of breed solutions from leading product companies for your needs.

Read the interview here…between our Improved Apps Marketing Manager and Alek Gokiert (Morphate Consulting Services Director)



LANSHORE – Americas

Improved Apps Partner - Lanshore

Lanshore is a dynamic solutions organisation that provides Sales Performance Management Services, CRM Management applications, and Maintenance.

They specialise in SPM and CRM data applications, focusing on optimizing your existing CRM investment, by either improving the ramp up process of your sales force through ImprovedApps, or “cleaning” your old or inaccurate data (that slows down productivity and can hurt your sales efforts) with Lanshore’s CRM Cleansing App.


To ensure the quality of our first Improved NoticeBoard AppExchange product, we partnered with ProvenWorks, the award-winning Salesforce.com AppExchange developer.

Provenworks’ AppExchange portfolio includes products for improving data quality (AddressTools, CountryComplete Free and and IndustryComplete) data import (SimpleImport) and managing TPS services (PhoneScreen).


Color Consultancy came to the business cloud as marketers and business people, not technologists. They had business problems that were needlessly irritating to sort, and then they discovered the early business cloud and what it can do. They got hooked. They now have the credentials to show they have also mastered the technology, but foremost they will engage with your business problem and show you how your known issue and your likely next issue can be met head on.

Improved Apps work with Color Consultancy on a number of levels; they help with customer deployments and they introduce us to their customers.

For more information please visit their website here: www.colormycloud.co.uk

Visit our Customer & Partner Stories and Reviews… to read about just some of our successes.



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