A Tour De Force – miles away from anything to do with Salesforce!

Six hours in a car with a flask of luke warm coffee and half packet of digestives is not my idea of fun, but the long monotonous trip up the M1 to Yorkshire in the end was worth it – the reason for my epic journey – to witness the spectacle of the Tour De France.

And what a spectacle it was – about two hours of sponsorship vehicles, police and gendarmes, and two minutes of cycling, as the Peleton swept past in a blur of colour. An amazing sight! Definitely worth the journey.

To be honest I hadn’t envisaged how addictive it’s become to follow the fortunes or misfortunes of these incredible athletes. I’ve been hooked over the last few weeks.

I might even take up road race cycling – though I’ll probably set my sights a little lower than the Tour De France, which is just as well as yellow has never really been my colour.


Sophie – Content Marketing Manager