Free Starter Pack

Free Starter Pack Request – Your Time to Shine! Simply register your details below… WHAT YOU GET. Immediate access to both Improved Help and Improved NoticeBoard 10 FREE USERS for 2 WEEKS   SIMPLE, FAST APPEXCHANGE PROVISIONING AND SETUP. Register now, … Continue reading

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Free Resource – Thank You

  Thank you…and enjoy… We’ve sent you an email with the links to download. Looking for results with Salesforce… Book a free trial of Improved Apps and discover how easy it is to make the most of your Salesforce investment. … Continue reading

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Onboarding Overview

Successful Onboarding of new Users in 3 Minutes   How can you improve your salesforce onboard­ing training process? How can you drive new levels of Salesforce adoption?   Answer:By delivering a new compelling interactive help and training experience…     … Continue reading

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Thank You for Registering

  Thank you for registering for your Free Starter Pack You will shortly receive an email with instructions to provision our solutions within your chosen Salesforce Org. You may want to bookmark our Knowledge Base for useful information. Go to … Continue reading

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Help Analyst Features

Help Analyst Features Interactions Drive Improved Help Processes   Improved Help Users with Help Analyst permissions can access Interaction data that traps usage of help content and features: In-page statistics: for embedded help; Drill-through analysis reports: focus on user interactions for specific … Continue reading

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Help Author Features

Help Author Features Help-enable your Salesforce application pages by embedding Improved Help ‘hooks’…     A Help Author can help-enable a Salesforce application page with six clicks – in seconds!   More Author Benefits > Free Starter Pack >

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