7 Ways Sales Leaders Can Get The Most Out Of Salesforce

By Marcus Gilbert – Enterprise Sales Director @ Improved Apps

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What lies behind the results that your employees achieve, and upon which your company depends for its business success?


Your people, and specifically, the behaviour of your people.

Providing them with great customer engagement tools such as Salesforce.com is only a part of the solution. Unless your people have internal belief and take ownership of the values of your company, they will not exhibit behaviour that drives appropriate actions to get positive results.

Let’s take a look at your sales force:

The purpose of a salesperson is to win business. They do two things: manage a sales opportunity to closure and prospect for new opportunities. That’s it.


It’s well known that 80% of your revenue will come from the top 20% of your salespeople. These people are exemplars in combining the knowledge and sales tools your company creates around product, case studies, competition, etc. with a sales process your company has honed over time to win business. These sales exemplars have the skills and abilities to do the right things at the right time using the right information in the right way. They exude confidence, believe in your company and exhibit a behaviour that drives action to get positive results. Imagine if you could bottle this!


The next 60% of your sales people are either aspiring toward exemplar, or simply stuck in the middle. They often don’t know where the right sales tools are or how to use them at the right time. They may not know how to quickly access your company’s knowledge to respond to situations ‘in the moment’, especially if they are still ramping up their skills – and that’s why you invest in tools and coaching to nurture them to be the next wave of exemplars. Imagine if you had a way to help this (largest) group of salespeople to mimic the behaviour of your exemplars!


The bottom 20% of your sales people are either new-hires or struggling to gain the skills and abilities to do the job. They need a lot of help and you will be investing time and money on them. Again, imagine if you had a way to help this group of salespeople mimic the behaviour of your exemplars! If they have the ability to improve, then you need to accelerate the program, otherwise it may be time to let them go.

So, as sales leaders, what can you do?

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