Record Breaking Ride at Red Bull Soapbox Race 2015

Improved Apps team at Red Bull Soapbox Race 2015

It’s official, according to the official Timing and Results Service the Improved Apps team’s soapbox Improved Rocket was fastest (47.3 KPH) through the speed trap…. the fastest ever… AND we’re absolutely ‘over the moon’.  See the race results

A few words from the team:

I’m totally thrilled to hear that Improved Rocket was the fastest. After studying videos over the last few years, I was genuinely concerned about the last jump as many a competitor had ended up in hospital! So creating a contraption safe to take the jumps and yet maintain speed was a challenge but all the hard work that went into designing the fully-suspended trike, our practice runs and our great launch at the start really paid off.”

Elliot Burgess – Pilot

“Wow… what a day, it was amazing to have the fastest speed recorded on the day. Elliot’s driving was fantastic as per his background. Just an all-round great day.”

Dave Loch – Co-Pilot

“What an experience… first we get accepted, then we get picked to be filmed by Dave TV and then we make history by being the fastest!  Superb!”  

Graham Selway – Crew – Improved Rocket Launcher

Not only that, they got featured in The Telegraph.

Well done to everyone involved.


Red Bull Soapbox Race 2015 – Improved Apps Antics

By Simon Thompson – SVP Customer Success @ Improved Apps

Improved Apps takes to the road for the #RedBull #SoapBoxRace 2015, London

How it all began…

“Let’s form an Improved Apps Red Bull Soapbox Team!” David (an Improved Apps Inside Sales team member) said to his team lead, Elliot… As an ex-British Superbike rider it didn’t take Elliot long to not only agree, but also claim the rights as driver!


The Red Bull Soapbox 2015 event at Alexandra Palace, London #RedBull #Soapboxrace was scheduled for the 12th July 2015 and the deadline for entrants was only two weeks away. A team of four all from Improved Apps was hastily created with Graham from Inside Sales and myself joining the crew.


…And so the games began!

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