CRM implementations – avoiding the pitfalls

By Paul Field – C.O.O. @ Improved Apps

CRM implementation - prevention is better than cure

CRM implementations can be tricky – but it needn’t be

No matter which project planning methodology you look at for solution implementation, at some point there will be some steps that say ‘training and communication’ or ‘education’. This tends to happen after the backbreaking work of the implementation and in the slight lull before it goes live. Implementing a Saas-based CRM solution is no different in this respect.


Precisely what happens at this stage differs widely depending on the organisation involved: At the top of the tree are enterprises with specialist training departments who have diligently prepared content for on-line/classroom or guide-based education. Then comes the non-specialist ‘training as a side-line’ where some poor unfortunate has to take it on in addition to their day job. Bypassing a few other levels of lip service we then arrive at the ‘throw it over the wall and see what happens’ school of thought.


Time passes and everything goes live and the users start to use their applications in anger. Even if the training had been at the upper end of the spectrum described, the chances are that the users will have forgotten exactly what it is they are supposed to do or didn’t quite understand in the first place. There are then the fields and processes that don’t come up very often and might not be encountered until quite some time after training, in which case there is every probability that both memory and notes fail.

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