Thank you for the Customer Success Hero Award

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Award Winner’s Acceptance Speech!


“Sorry I can’t be with you in person to receive the prestigious award…First off, I must thank every one of our customers from around the world who voted for me.  I’d also like to take this opportunity to thank my family, my friends and my colleagues for their unwavering support, as well as the devotion of my Chihuahua.  You’ve all helped me on my journey to success and I couldn’t have done it without you.”

Simon Thompson SVP Customer Success – Improved Apps


I jest – apart from the bit about thanking all of those who voted for me.  It really is flattering to be one of the five global winners of the Customer Success Hero Award, from this year’s sponsors, Totango.


My six years at Saleforce ultimately made Customer Success my focus, and my commitment to customer satisfaction and customer success has stayed with me ever since.  It has not only become part of my DNA but also that of Improved Apps since its inception four years ago.

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Winner of the Customer Success Hero Award

Customer Success Awards


Our very own Simon Thompson, SVP Customer Success here at Improved Apps has won a Customer Success Hero Award, given out annually at the Customer Success Summit in San Francisco.


Simon is in good company alongside the likes of Kevin Dubay, Senior Customer Success Consultant for Key Accounts, LinkedIn. 


The Customer Success Hero Awards are industry awards that recognise individuals and teams who go above and beyond the call of duty.


These people are nominated and win because they excel in Customer Success and have made a tremendous impact on their organisation.

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 Improved Apps supports Salesforce users previously left in the dark

Solar Eclipse



Alongside every implementation project there is a large mass of information and knowledge to be imparted to the stakeholders. However, experience shows that enterprises habitually attach far more importance to the design and implementation of the processes rather than training and communication with the people impacted by the project.

Improved Help, the new way to train, leaves traditional forms of learning and guidance in its shadow…

Knowledge needs to be transferred to those affected to ensure that:

  • they know exactly what to do and how to do it

  • they have an understanding of what the processes will look like post-change

  • they appreciate the bigger picture

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Customer satisfaction the Improved Apps way…


Creating disruptive, paradigm-shifting, pivotal and innovative customer journeys…OR

Keeping the customer satisfied!

It is only too easy to get caught up in the terminology of our trades and resort to jargon or even worse, some superficially impenetrable ‘TLA’s (Three Letter Acronyms) to express what are really fairly straightforward concepts. ‘Consultant-speak’ gives us new language every year to describe how we relate to our markets and customers. Often it brings little or no new insight to the subject and sometimes it is merely a collection of truisms that simply restate something we have always known.

The world is changing rapidly…

Although the ways in which we do things has changed considerably, the reasons why we do things has not, and we are in danger of losing sight of the ‘whys’ in our haste to seem compliant with the new ‘hows’:

Is a desire to do things differently necessarily disruptive?

Do we even want a paradigm shift to occur so that everybody starts to do things the same way as us?

Is it possible to be innovative by bringing back some older values?

And what exactly is the pivot point for customer/supplier interaction?

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Talking our way to new technologies – blue sky browsing

Blue sky backdrop to modern building

The journey to innovation…

I’m really looking forward to next week as I’m going to spend a chunk of quality time with some of my favourite people… People-time?… And me, supposedly a techie?… That can’t be right… can it?


Technical types have a reputation for living in developer caves, from which they emerge only to forage for pizza and to curse users who keep breaking their lovely code. Perhaps that’s why a much younger me felt so comfortable slipping into I.T from the entertainment industry. I was used to set designers moaning at actors for getting in the way of their beautiful scenery, and sound engineers (as I was) blaming audiences for soaking the sparkle out of otherwise wonderful concert hall acoustics.


But we’re not really like that (come on fellow developers, back me up on this!)  In fact, we’re at our happiest when we can make useful things happen for those people who have interesting problems to solve, but who can’t speak ‘machine’.

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Return to Sender

return to sender

The Blight of the Bulging Inbox

Perhaps if I start by revealing that 2 in 5 people in Britain never read a book, you might be less surprised by some of the statistics surrounding business emails.

In terms of direct marketing, it is perhaps better known that the strike rate is low: 17% percent of emails never even reach an inbox and of those that do, less than 30% are ever opened and only 3% ever clicked through.  Of course this still leaves us with over a hundred billion business emails a day to sift through collectively.  As diligent and eager employees we must at least make sure we read the internal communications of our own companies…mustn’t we?


In reality the picture is better here at Improved Apps, but according to some recent Newsweaver reports, only 48% of these emails are ever even opened let alone digested and acted upon.  Apart from the sickening waste of digital trees that were cut down to create these messages, it also means that those key messages that you were trying to push to your workforce might just as effectively been delivered by megaphone from the top of your head office.

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Another great AppExchange Review for Improved Noticeboard

‘A big thank you’ to Luke Todd at Gumtree for his positive words in his Salesforce AppExchange review of Improved Noticeboard:


Luke Todd – Gumtree UK

With a mixture of outsourced and in-house teams, differential work streams and access it was always hard to communicate a message to all staff.

With Improved Noticeboard App, the integration was fairly standard and the functionality very user friendly, but the outputs really beneficial.

One message delivered to all staff at the same time and visible – with additional tracking to show whether seen/read, allowing management focus to update staff on core messaging.

A really good tool to add benefit to a communication gap.

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