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 Moving on from manuals, PDFs and on-line guides…a new trend in training has arrived…


Thirty-three years ago I blagged my way into a job implementing MRP II for an electrical projects-based business. Although I had worked on MRP II already, I had never seen this particular system before, had no idea about what was involved in running a large commercial system and certainly had no skills in the 4GL that I was about to need to use to write programs…


As a typical man (albeit it fresh from university and barely aware of the vastness of things that I didn’t know) I had a natural disinclination to ask for directions or RTFM. Nevertheless, there was no alternative, so over the next few months I spent many hours secreted in a variety of hidey-holes, ploughing my way through stacks of enormously thick and heavy manuals on the MRP system, the computer OS and hardware and the programming language.  Each of which represented a brain-dump of absolutely everything that anyone might ever need to know, about anything to do with the subjects in question, whether you needed to know it or not!


To say that I was an expert in any of these matters by the end of my studious cramming would be an overstatement, but there was certainly one area in which I had few rivals – the ability to digest large manuals and stay one small step ahead of the business in regurgitating and applying my new-found knowledge. However, I never did quite get to the bottom of why it’s custom in all these manuals to have pages that were entirely blank apart from the single, solitary message that read: “This page intentionally left blank.”

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Help content in shades of grey to suit varied Salesforce users

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Training content is not a matter of black and white…

As we all know, people have preferred ways of learning, and training can be a tricky task.  If it’s your job to support existing users or to onboard new employees who will use Salesforce, you’ll be familiar with the challenges of encouraging and ensuring adoption.


Training content and its creation is not a one size fits all scenario…it’s not black and white…there should be shades of grey…


But traditional training is expensive – there’s the need to create a multitude of guides and resources, the necessity for webinars or classroom-based learning, which when the audience has different needs and requirements can be costly, both in time and money. It’s particularly time-consuming and expensive when users have to be kept abreast of the regular Salesforce releases and revisions, as well as specific organisational updates around custom fields and objects.

Bridge the gap…

Part of the problem is that people just don’t remember everything that they’re taught during training sessions, and another major issue is that Salesforce users generally have trouble finding the training resources, and can spend an age searching for materials. So why not bridge that gap, by implementing a cost-effective tool, that allows you to provide the right help, in the right place, at the right time, for the right user.

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Another 5 Star Review posted on the AppExchange, this time by Geopost UK (Now DPD Group)

Improved Apps Does It Again!…Yet Another Salesforce AppExchange Five Star Review…this time for their innovative solution, Improved Noticeboard.

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Adam Hooper, Salesforce Solutions Analyst – Geopost UK (Now DPD Group)

We have two large and very busy contact centres that utilise Chatter. When we found that Chatter wasn’t instant enough to communicate vital information to our advisors we looked at Improved Noticeboards.  The whole process from first contact with the team to deployment has been a dream. The team are flexible and always available to help. We love the ability to target messages at specific users and groups and the dashboards and reports are helping us to monitor compliance.  Next step – where else can we use this fantastic tool in our business!…

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More exciting times ahead as COO joins Improved Apps

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Welcome to the team Paul…

We are delighted to welcome Paul Field to the team, as Chief Operating Officer, at a time of great excitement and rapid growth for Improved Apps.  Paul brings with him a wealth of experience in managing customer-facing teams from his time with Infor, SSA Global, Clarus & Oracle.

He joins our growing team to manage and develop our sales, pre-sales and operations functions.  Having Paul onboard, with his broad skill-set and knowledge of enterprise solutions, will accelerate our progress on our success journey.

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