What To Do In The Quiet Time During December

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The December Downtime

It’s upon us again. That time of year, when for reasons that will always remain a mystery, commerce seems to grind to a halt.  It’s not like any other holiday season.  People go on summer holidays, and deals still happen and meetings continue to take place to progress sales campaigns, but for some reason, the Christmas season makes everything come to a standstill.  From the second week in December, it gets more difficult to set up meetings, move deals on and connect with people who have a need for what you sell.

So I began to think about what to do at this time of year, when everyone is seemingly wearing a santa hat, drinking eggnog and laying siege to vast quantities of festive food.

If your prospects are taking some time out, then you can do no worse than follow suit. I am not suggesting you down tools, but do switch your attention to other matters that will be more productive. 

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Preparation is Key to Success at Dreamforce


Reflections on the Salesforce Event of the Year

Having had time to reflect on our attendance at Dreamforce 14, I’ve come to the conclusion it was an amazing experience for many reasons, but much of the positive vibe was due to the hard work and awesome attitude of our team – a bigger team than last year, with members that were relatively new to the company and totally new to Dreamforce. But the enormity of the event didn’t throw the newcomers…

Everyone was buzzing and focused and the team’s commitment to the project really paid off with some fantastic delegate feedback and the generation of some exciting new opportunities.

But these things don’t just come together over night. If you’re thinking of attending Dreamforce as a sponsor for the first time, do not under-estimate the time and effort that needs to be dedicated to the preparation for the Salesforce event of the year.

There’s the work that goes into generating the concepts behind the campaign and bringing them to fruition – the booth design, brochures, flyers, promotional videos, team shirts…the list goes on. But there’s also another very important consideration, and that is training.

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Qlik Awards Improved Help Five Stars on AppExchange

Improved Help gets yet another Five Star Rating on the Salesforce AppExchange…

…and this time it’s from Qlik.

Simon McAllister, Senior Director, Global Sales & Alliances Operations – Qlik

“For anyone who wrestles with sales-process enablement and good old fashion sales support, this tool is an absolute must. We at Qlik are driving Salesforce adoption (and comprehension) in a way that I would never have dared to dream of a few years back…we’re seeing numerous Help Topics with >1000 clicks, all of which means, our organisation is receiving real-time, self-served and contextual assistance when and where they need it most…a phenomenal tool, easy to roll out, child’s play to maintain, we couldn’t function without it….a great company to work with, too!!!”


Want to see the review in situ or leave a comment?   Then follow the link to visit the AppExchange and whilst you’re there why not start a free trial to see how Improved Apps can support your organisation too.


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