The Demo – an art…an act…or just facts?

One of the things I do everyday is demo…sometimes four or five a day. At present, my role as Customer Success Director at Improved Apps, means my demonstrations are around our solutions, Improved Help and Improved Noticeboard, and how we’re helping Salesforce users and our customers drive adoption…. But I’ve been demoing in some shape or form for more years than I care to remember, ever since I started my career back in ’88 when I worked at IBM…. and over this time I’ve gained some insights on what I believe constitutes a decent demo…

words describing a demo

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A Metaphor for a Start-Up – The Nine Edges Endurance Challenge

Last month I undertook the Nine Edges Endurance Challenge, which meant I spent a great deal of time doing nothing but hiking and gazing at the incredible landscape. With the mesmeric act of continually putting one foot in front of the other, it also gave me time to think, and I started comparing my hilltop adventure to life in a ‘Start-Up’. For those of you who aren’t familiar with it, the Nine Edges Endurance Challenge is undertaken to raise money for the Edale Mountain Trust.

Nine Edges Endurance Challenge Poster

The route begins near Ladybower Reservoir in Derbyshire, England, and is a traverse from Fairholmes to Baslow, which is approximately twenty-one miles, depending on the route you decide on. There are no signposts so you need to be able to navigate successfully, and you have the choice of running, hiking or climbing your way across the nine grit stone edges.  I decided to hike it. Naturally, I could have run it, you understand, but that would have meant not being able to take in the stunning vistas around me. I did some calculations and envisaged that the journey would take me around seven hours, which is two hours under the nine-hour limit.

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