Salesforce1 World Tour – London: Update

Reflections from the Improved Apps team

So, after a few days of reflection, we’re still dealing with the repercussions of a ten hour day at Salesforce1, London event – sore feet from too much walking, sore throats from too much talking, but most importantly we’re still visibly beaming from some fantastic feedback on our apps – Improved Help and Improved NoticeBoard.

A big Thank You!

It has to be said, we networked our ‘apps’ off – shaking hands, rubbing shoulders and chewing the cud with salesforce communities, partners and users until we could ‘Chatter’ no more. So we’d like to thank everyone who took the time to listen – and look forward to building bridges with those of you who believe we can help to drive Salesforce adoption.

In at the Salesforce deep-end!

The Salesforce 1 World Tour gave us a great excuse to meet up as a team with our partners and associates. The whole event was particularly useful to the new members of our Improved Apps team – the chance to join Hands-on Training and Breakout Sessions and simply mingle and absorb the array of apps exhibited in the Cloud Expo provided an amazing environment for total Salesforce immersion.

The keynote speeches were rousing, motivating, educational and enlightening. Such was the calibre of guests and the American razzmatazz I don’t think anyone would have batted an eyelid if President Obama himself had been whisked in on Air Force One to appear as a guest speaker on the Salesforce 1 stage! The whole day was brilliantly executed and invaluable, and certainly played an important role in the successful onboarding and induction of our new colleagues.

So congratulations to Salesforce on an amazing day! The Improved Apps team can’t wait to dive into customer success plans for the Salesforce1 platform.

Also thanks to Richard Britton & CloudSense for inviting us to their Salesforce1 evening reception. Much appreciated and a chance to relax and unwind after a full-on day.

So just to sign off – a few questions to put out into the ether…

  • How did your feet feel after a day of networking at Salesforce1 World Tour?
  • Did you manage to get to speak with everyone you planned to?
  • Do you have challenges with Salesforce adoption, onboarding and training that we can help with?

Welcome aboard! Another New Sales Executive joins our team!

We are delighted to welcome Graham Selway to the growing Inside Sales team based in our Bowland House office.

Graham has a great work ethic and totally understands the challenges that users have trying to adopt new technologies, processes and applications within a business.  Like most of us he’s been through many Sales training programmes in the past, and so he realises how Improved Apps are able to make a difference.

As the chairperson to a local pre-school, Graham is part of a committee, carrying out tasks such as organising meetings, sorting any staff problems with managers, fundraising and doing appraisals.  Graham is the nominated person for Ofsted, safe guarding certification level and signing all high profile paperwork including funding forms. On top of that he also finds time to motivate the staff.

@Graham: You will be an amazing asset to the Improved Apps business, we wish you every success and welcome you to the team.

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