Eating our own dog food

If a company is selling you something to improve your business, isn’t it good practice if they’re using their own solutions to improve their own business?  Shouldn’t they be prepared to show you what they’re doing and how they’re doing it?

We believe so!

Bowl Of Dog Food

‘Eating our own dog food’ is at the core of Improved Apps structure and strategy.

We see the need…we put it to the test (for real)… and then we make it available for everyone!  Well, everyone who’s a Salesforce customer anyway.

And we welcome feedback – we’re not standing alone driving innovation and product strategy.  Many of our customers also input their own requirements and needs, which drives us further still…making our solutions even better.  That’s why we’re called Improved Apps!

 So how do we eat our own dog food?

Well for starters, our telesales execs, before they dial, are a click away to get a script and pointers on their approach to assist them in any conversation – whether it’s a first contact…a follow-up call after a trade show…or a chat about an up-coming webinar.  It’s dynamic help – the right help, at the right time – to support our sales team.  If they need marketing collateral, it’s there too – helping them every step of the way of the sales journey.

And our support teams don’t miss out either – all the customers’ key issues are captured and then made available in Salesforce – so no need to check a single email!  What a relief for customer support as well as the customer!

And naturally, helping our team helps us as a business – we’ve seen employee onboarding speeds ramp up. New users come into the business…they know the help is at their fingertips, and if it’s not, they feed it back and we simply embed more of what they need – that way it helps the whole team… that way we’re all hAPPy chAPPies!

Puppy and Treats

So give yourself a treat – don’t just take our word for it – get on one of our demos and we’ll show you how we benefit from our own solutions… Just be ready to be blown away!


Simply log your request here. Thank you.


By Simon Thompson – Customer Success Director @ Improved Apps